Power plug is an intelligent device that can be controlled remotely by the Z-wave network which have particular frequency.in the Z-wave network communitcaions,power plug can be connected to any z-wave main controller.Different countries or areas.the radio frequency is different of the z-wave network.in the communication with z-wave main controller,the power plug can send and receive messages.when press the code button of power plug.it will send messages to the z-wave main controller.the z-wave main controller can display the on/off status of power plug correctly.when the power plug receives messages from the z-wave main controller,the on/off status of the power plug can be switched remotely via mobile phone app.the power plug is small and light.very easy to operate
This is the Z-wave Wifi smart power plug,Compatible with z-wave 300 series and  500 series.
Our Sensors Compatible With following brand alarm horst:Fibaro/Smarthings/Vera/Zipato/Iris/Wink.can't work alone.need work with their alarm host.Thanks.
ON/OFF control 
Compatible with 300 series and 500 series 
Measuring voltage,current,instant power,accumulated power. 
Input voltage:110-230V AC,50/60HZ
Max current:13A 
Operation temperature:0-40 degree
Storage temperature: -20-60 degree
US plug:43mm x 43mm x 45mm
Radio Frequency:
EU version:868.4MHz 
US version:908.4MHz

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